Debbie Weiss - Realtor

Jason is the best fireplace inspector!  I always have him come out for all my inspections. Honest, knowledgeable, personable and he knows his stuff!  Also totally non partial as he doesn't actually do the work but can refer out several great companies that do.   I wont do an inspection without him!! 

Maya Lazich - Realtor

As a seasoned real  estate agent I have worked with many chimney/fireplace inspection  companies over many years. Jason Trevino has time and again served me  and my clients in a trusted, professional, effective and knowledgeable  manner. He delivers in his consistency, craftsmanship and work ethic.  

Claudia Ilcken - Realitor

Jason Trevino of LUX Fireplace Inspections is a knowledgeable, caring  professional. We had the general physical and sewer/mold inspectors out  simultaneously, and seeing how he collaborated with these guys helped to  put me and my client at ease. After completing the physical inspection,  he took time to deliver an oral report of the major findings in a clear  & efficient manner. The report itself was delivered as promised,  and was perfect for someone without knowledge of chimney/fireplace  jargon to understand. As a real estate professional and/or consumer, I  would highly recommend the services Jason Trevino with LUX Fireplace. 

Justin Dutchover - Realitor

Very thorough and professional. All equipment was up to date and new. Explains everything in a way you can understand. Highly recommend! 

Fluesbrothers Chimney and Fireplace Service

  I met the owner while  teaching a class for the Chimney Safety Institute of America.  I was  impressed by the professionalism and the constant investment made for  further education to serve customers needs.  Great company! 

Rachel & Tyler - Home Buyers

Jason of LUX fireplace inspections came to our future home this past  weekend. Jason was thorough throughout the whole inspection and  explained everything to a T. I would highly recommend this company!  

Ali - Home Buyer

Jason is a not only  friendly and kind, he is passionate about his profession, and above all,  he is honest.  If you're looking for a chimney inspector that really  knows what he is talking about,  I would highly recommend LUX Fireplace  Inspections.  Thank you! .

Stephanie - First Time Home Buyer

As a first time buyer, I felt lucky to work with Jason. Communication was very easy and he promptly clarified when I had a follow-up question a few days later. I’ll be recommending him to friends and family for sure. 

Darlene - Homer Buyer

 Working with LUX Fireplace Inspections was a great experience. Our realtor had a few inspectors that they’d used before. I ended up going with them because they were able to work me in to their schedule on short notice since I was going to be out of town. The appointment was really smooth and I appreciated how quickly we received the report. 

Derek - Home Buyer

Long story short:  Jason from LUX was referred to me from another business who was not able  to schedule an inspection on a rather tight deadline. We were leaving  town and needed an inspection within 2 days on a house in escrow.  Scheduling with Jason was smooth and communication was concise and to  the point.

The well-detailed report we received came in a timely  manner. Jason is non-biased as he runs an 'inspector only' business. He  was able to just show what damage there was and suggest fixes, but he  does not repair chimneys and fireplaces. The nature of this puts me more  at ease since he seemingly did not bend the report to sell us on more  repairs. He relayed his report to a repair company who then sent me a  proposal of what needed to be fixed and for how much. This is good  information and ammunition for pushing back on a house in escrow.

All-in-all,  very happy with working with Jason at LUX. From the scheduling to  communication, to even showing up when he said he'd be there, Jason is  very reliable and follows through true to his word. 

Stacey - Home Buyer

 My husband and I needed a fireplace/chimney inspection for a prospective property, and Jason from LUX was recommended by our realtor. He was very thorough in his process and in his detailed report, and pleasant to work with also. He identified issues and recommended repairs and provided a list of contractors for our convenience. We would highly recommend Jason and LUX Fireplace inspections to others.